JMA Training and Consultancy is one of the preeminent 7 Quality Control Tools training institute in Chennai, India. The seven necessary quality control tools are used commonly in graphical statistical analysis tools. It can be used for solving any quality issues and other problems efficiently. The seven quality control tools include cause and effect diagrams, control charts, check sheets, scatter plots, histograms, Pareto charts, and data stratification. It is essential to understand the usage of the 7QC tools and how they effectively interpret the information.

JMA Training and Consultancy explain the seven different quality controls along with the use. The course content of the 7QC tools includes an introduction to 7QC tools, basic os statistics, measures of variations, sampling using MS-Excel, Descriptive statistics, History of 7 QC tools, cause and effect diagram, histogram, and more.

What will you learn from JMA Training and Consultancy Quality Control Tools?

Upon successful completion of Seven Quality control tools training, our candidates will be able to

● Assist with the decision-making process.
● Helps to recognize and prioritize the issues rapidly and efficiently.
● Drive a continuous improvement culture in your enterprise at all levels.
● Define and understand the seven essential quality tools functions in quality and business field.
● Provide a vehicle for resolutions throughout the business and communicating the issues.

Objectives of Seven Quality Control Tools:

To create an awareness of using the seven Quality Control tools to analyze, compile, interpret and capture the data collected from different sources. Provides personnel with skills and knowledge to enable them to compile, interpret, capture the data.

Who can pursue 7 Quality Control tools?

● Quality Engineering Team
● Quality Managers
● Technical Managers
● Production Managers
● Laboratory Personnel
● Quality Control Executives
● Quality Management Consultant
● Metrology/standard room personnel
● Students from science streams, management, engineering, etc.
● SPC/S.Q.C team.

Prerequisites to learn 7 Quality Control tools:

● Basic Mathematics and statistics

Why JMA Training and Consultancy for Seven Quality Control Tools training in Chennai?

● 100% assured Job Placement Assistance.
● Industry experts with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of 7 QC tools.
● Interview and Resume Preparation Guidance Available.
● Flexible Batch Timings for candidates available.
● Quality Based Training.
● 24/7 Customer Support Available.
● Live Instructor LED classes.
● Real-time examples and live projects are chosen for training candidates for a more natural understanding of the concepts.

Join JMA Training and Consultancy today and develop your 7 Quality Control tools skills and knowledge to achieve your dream career.