JMA Training and Consultancy is one of the best quality Advanced Product Quality Planning Training institutes in Chennai, India. APQP is the method of a new process or product introduction or the changes to the existing operations or product. It is one of the best practice used by different industrial sectors namely aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, mobile power generation, etc.

Advanced Product Quality Planning involves 25% of the production implementation and 75% upfront planning to determine continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. APQP is associated generally with the industry of automation, but the quality planning process of the APQP can also be used in other sectors. Q-1 has developed the APQP method for different areas with modifications.

Some of the course topic covered in APQP training includes inputs required for APQP, Plan and define, Product design and development tools, Products and process validation, Feedback Assesment and continuous improvement, etc.

JMA Training and Consultancy APQP Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of the APQP training from JMA, the candidates will be able to

● Understand the interaction between the supplier and customer during APQP.
● Be confident in finishing various APQP exercises in different workplaces.
● Understand the APQP phases and Objectives.
● Understand the APQP timings and Phases.
● Become QM&T certified and a valid APQP Practitioner.
● Determine process and design special characters.
● Manage and store lessons learned for the future.
● Understand control and plan methodologies.
● Enhances Engineering Collaboration.
● Define and determine risk mitigation levels.

Why JMA for APQP Training?

● 100% Job Placement Assistance.
● Industry experts with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of APQP.
● Professional trainers with more than a decade of experience.
● Flexible Batch timings as per the candidates and trainers preference.
● Classroom and online training available.

Who should attend JMA Training and Consultancy APQP Training?

● Employee and management team members from every organization who actively participate in different Statistical Process Control activities like sales, quality, service, engineering, manufacturing, etc.
● Personnel involved in the activities of product quality planning.
● Anyone interested in learning APQP techniques.
● Personnel involved in ISO/TS 16949 implementation.
● ISO/TS 16949 secondary party auditors or internal auditors.

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