JMA is a paramount Behavior Based Study Training Institute in Chennai, India. BBS (Behavior Based Study) is accommodating the technology of behavior into the management safety system in your organization. It is essential to understand the benefits of Behavior-based study and execute the concerned procedures and practices to handle the safety management system in the workplace.

Behavioral technology is the process and system for applying the principles and laws which govern human behavior to attain behavior changes. BBS helps workers to recognize and select a safe behavior over an unsafe one. The primary objective of effective behavior-based safety procedures is to make safe conduct as a practice.

The Behavior-Based Study course will help the candidates to understand the BBS importance in safety management system. It uses various methods combination to provide people with skills, information, and willingness for safe working, to apply the learning procedure to the real world and minimizing their learning.

The core course concepts of BBS includes Organizational safety culture: behaviors, culture, and human psychology, general safety, identification of critical task, accident-prone behaviors, implementation roadmap, behavior modification techniques, and conventional security.

JMA Behavior-Based Safety Training Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of behavior-based safety training course from JMA, candidates will be able to

● Learn how to conduct safety observations, how to guide workers in learning safe work practices, how to approach incorrect behaviors and more.
● Understand what is trending and what will help the organization to find the emphasis they need as a part of overall safety and health programs.
● Can use the observations using different safe behaviors and record at risk tools to highlight developing trends in the organization and workplaces.

Who can attend JMA’ Behavior Based Safety Training course?

● Personnel involved in maintenance, operations, utilities, lab and other support areas with direct hands-on responsibilities.
● Full-time safety practitioners, safety coordinators, safety committee members, safety specialists, safety managers, human resources, loss control managers, and operational managers.

Why is JMA Solution the best Behavior Based Safety Training in Chennai?

● 24×7 Technical customer support service for queries, projects, quizzes, assignments and more.
● Interview and Resume Preparations guidance available.
● Flexible Batch timings.
● Live Instructor-led classes.
● 100% assured job Placement.
● Real-time Examples and live projects provided to the students and professionals.
● Demo Classes and Free orientation available.
● Certified trainers with a decade of experience.

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