JMA is one of the notable Business Process Reengineering Training Institutes in Chennai, India with experienced industry professionals. BPR (Business Process Reengineering) is the fundamental redesign and rethinking of different business processes to attain improvements in various performance indicators like quality, cost, customer satisfaction, cycle time, etc. The latest IT system is developed with a new design to offer successful results in the measure of outstanding performance. BPR has gained a considerable demand over a few decades and has resulted in documented success.

Business Process Reengineering is proven as the best response to fierce, demanding customers, fast-changing technologies and competitions. The course materials combine the latest and proven BPR techniques, required knowledge and the instructor’s local and international experience to offer the BPR’s comprehensive treatment. Every concept of BPR is demonstrated practically to the candidates so that they will be able to understand the concepts easily.

JMA Business Process Reengineering Training Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of the BPR training from JMA, our candidates will be able to

● Capture the latest processes used and check out the possibilities to improve operations.
● Demonstrate the process change benefits.
● Recommend enhances processes and execute it for other business aspects.
● Evaluate the redesign results.
● Enlist other support during process definition.
● Create an idea generation environment for new processes.
● Anticipate issues of process flow and cross-departmental challenges.
● Obtain engagement and acceptance for new processes.
● Develop BPR Implementation plans.
● Model Existing processes and systems.
● Knowledge of the BPR methodology and concepts.
● Knowledge of the essential BPR tools.

Our JMA Business Process Reengineering core concept topics include Introduction to BPR, Process Mapping, The Approach, the applications, Implementation Issues, Developing evaluation criteria, Managing BPR barriers, Enterprise Resource planning, computer applications in process analysis, flowcharting and more.

Who can pursue JMA Business Process Reengineering Training Course?

● Engineers
● Managers
● Technical Professionals
● Individuals involved in work methods development and improvement in both private and government institutions.

Key Deliverables:

● BPR certification offered upon the successful completion of the training.
● Real-time scenarios and live projects training from industry experts.
● Our professionals have more than a decade experience along with strong practical and theoretical knowledge.
● 100% Assured placement Assistance.
● Flexible batch timings are available as per the candidate’s availability.

Ready to join hands with JMA and start your career in Business Process Reengineering? We welcome you abroad.