JMA is one of the exceptional DFMA Training Institute in Chennai, India. DFM+A (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) is used by many enterprises across the world to develop unique productive designs which use optimal assembly and manufacturing process. When you apply DFMA correctly, it leads to a reduction in production cost significantly without any product compromise on the functionality, goals, serviceability, quality and other attributes.

JMA’s Design for Manufacturing and Assembly course includes details on how QFD and DFMA fit each other, sound engineering, concurrent engineering, and related principles. We also demonstrate various computer software tools that can make DFMA analysis easier. Different core concepts covered in the Design for Manufacturing and Assembly training course includes Design for Manufacturability/Assembly, Design for Assembly, Design for Automated Assembly, DFMA for Electronics. Design for manufacturability, Process capability and tolerances, DFMA and the development process, DFMA analysis of an organization assembly or product.

What are the learning objectives of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Training Course?

By attending JMA DFMA Training course, candidates will be able to

● Perform Design for manufacturing analysis (Manufacturing cost Estimation).
● Reduce your organization product cost through analyzation and elimination of the factors that affect price, manufacturing quality, time, service and assembly processes.
● Perform analysis of Design for Assembly by utilizing the BDI manual worksheet method.
● Apply fundamental principles of Design for Service.
● Make use of the brainstorming, practical analysis, trade-off techniques and tools for redesigning subassemblies and assemblies.

Who can pursue JMA DFMA Training Course in Chennai?

● Product Engineers
● Product Designers
● Manufacturing Engineers
● Individuals involved in ongoing or new product development process.

Prerequisites for joining JMA DFMA Course

Engineering graduate from any discipline

Why is JMA the best Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Training in Chennai?

● 100% Job Placement Assured.
● Resume and Interview Preparation Guidance Available.
● Flexible Batch Selections as per the candidates and trainers preference.
● Professionals with robust Design for Manufacturing and Assembly project knowledge and decade of experience in the related fields.
● Our trainers make use of real-world examples and live projects to train students and professionals.
● Real world scenarios, examples and live projects are chosen for training candidates.

Reach new heights in your career by joining Design for Manufacturing and Assembly training course in JMA today.