JMA is one of the first-class Design of Experiment Training Institute in Chennai, India. DOE (Design of Experiments) is a methodology which can be effectual for optimizing or improving manufacturing processes, product design and for general problem-solving. Some of the exclusive DOE applications include achieving robust designs, identifying proper design tolerances and dimensions, determining ideal manufacturer settings and generating predictive math models which characterize physical system behavior.

In Design of Experiment course, you will make use of the hands-on activities that help to learn the DOE Criteria, how to choose the selected experiment designs and more. Candidates also will experience running, set up and analyzing the complexity results, partial factorial, responsive surface experiments, and full factorials.

DOE Learning Objectives:

By attending JMA’ DOE training course, candidates will be able to

● Set up any factorial type DOE test matrix in both blocked and randomized forms.
● Set up partial DOE factorials via the confounding principle.
● Recognizing the primary benefits and principles of Robust design Design of Experiment.
● Select the right Response Surface design like Box-Behnken, Placket-Burman, D-Optimal or Central Composite.
● Decide whether to optimize a system or solve the issue or run a DOE.
● Interpret full factorial DOE results by utilizing Graphical methods, regressions, and ANOVA.
● Decide when you should run Response Surface DOE.
● Analyze and Interpret the output of the Response surface.

Who can pursue JMA DOE Training Course?

● Technical Professionals
● Chemical Professionals
● Engineers
● Managers
● Engineer Assistants
● Chemists in production, development, product maintenance, quality, and manufacturing.
● Process Improvement Practitioners.

Prerequisites to join JMA DOE Training Course

Knowledge of Inferential statistics including hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Confidence intervals.

Why are JMA the best DOE Training Institute in Chennai?

● Demo Class and Free Orientation available.
● Our industry experts have hands-on experience on various DOE Technologies.
● 100% Job Placement Assistance offered.
● 24/7 Customer Support available.
● Certification Oriented Training offered by our Instructors.
● Our industry trainers make use of the real-time scenarios for training the candidates.
● Flexible Batch Timings are available.
● Resume and Interview Preparation Guidance available.
● Trained over 2000+ Students.
● Practical course materials offered to the candidates.

Join JMA today and enhance your Design of Experiment Skills.