JMA is the leading FMEA training Institute in the city of Chennai, India. The FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) training course covers the process of redesign, conducting system design, service, process, and machine FMEAs. The course includes the information on addressing various reliability in the designs early stages and helps in improving product quality and design decisions during the operation.

The FMEA course deals with the methodologies used for developing process and design with detailed steps to mitigate and identify the process and product risks.

JMA FMEA Course Objectives:

● Failure Mode Effect Analysis is considered to be the analytical methodology used to make sure the problems are addressed and solved throughout the product development process.
● Multidisciplinary approach.
● Decreases the process and product failures and its effect over the customers.

Some of the course topic covered in FMEA Training are Introduction of core tools for the automobile industry, occurrence, severity, functional analysis, system FMEA, Risk Priority Number, Detection, Action Matrix and more.

Who can benefit from the FMEA Course?

Personnel from Quality Analyst Engineers, Production, Machinists, Inspectors, Process, Supplier Quality personnel, Quality control engineers, process design engineers, process owners, and executives and more.

What will you learn from JMA FMEA Course?

● Identify the FMEA Development activities.
● Assign RPN (Risk Priority Numbers) to the identified failure modes.
● With the help of occurrence, severity and detection ranking tables, identify the modes of failures and apply the ranking risks.
● Determine actions to eliminate or reduce higher RPNs.
● Delegates can apply the skills included for the successful FMEA.
● Process or product design teams productive member.
● Understand how to identify the modes of failures.
● Understand the design, machine, process and different types of FMEA.
● Understand the process design and product challenges.

Prerequisites to join JMA FMEA Course:

● Personnel should be capable of demonstrating the minimum competencies.
● Applicable IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 requirements related to the adult’s scope.

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