JMA is the well known Kaizen 5S training institute in Chennai, India. The knowledge of discarding waste in any process is considered to be one of the outstanding business skill. The workplace enterprise and 5S improvement system are being the foundation of any excellent operational practices, waste elimination, and lean improvement activities. 5s stands for sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain.

Kaizen 5s with the help of evolutionary learning, emphasizes competencies development. It is based on the continuous improvement of making incremental or smaller changes routinely, improving the performance and sustaining them over an extended period. Kaizen 5s is organized in a set order, standardizing, sweeping/shinning things, continuing good housekeeping practices and it stands for the five Japanese terms namely Seiri, Seiton, seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke.

Kaizen 5S Objectives:

The training course objective is to transform the candidates into top-notch champions by training them to implement 5S in their workplace or non work environment, equipping them with 5S philosophy, etc. The candidate will know how to recognize and eliminate waste types efficiently and quickly, improve quality, decrease cost, meet industry obligations and more techniques efficiently. The five fundamental founding element of the Kaizen 5s includes teamwork, improved morale, suggestions for improvement, quality circles and personal discipline.

The course content covered in Kaizen 5S includes Introduction to Kaizen, Principles of Kaizen, Understanding the 3Ms, 5S campaign 1 and 5S campaign 2.

Business Benefits:

● Know how to run Kaizen Initiative overall.
● Train others in the kaizen principles and values.
● Become QM&T certified and a valid Kaizen practitioner.
● Know the kaizen theory.
● Know how to complete the Kaizen Assignment.
● Offers the opportunity to make a financial saving in a real-world through QM&T post and pre-course supported scheme assignments.

Who can join the Kaizen 5S training course?

● Final year/ graduates/ BE/MBA students
● MBA Professionals working in a manufacturing company.
● Personnel who is willing to implement real-time projects
● Individuals who wish to learn JIT tools.

Why JMA for Kaizen 5S Training in Chennai?

● International Certification on Kaizen 5S after the completion of the training.
● 100% assured Placement Assistance.
● Real Time, Expert and certified trainers who have a decade of experience in Kaizen 5S and related technologies.
● Regular, Fast-track and weekend classes are available.
● Flexible batch timings for candidates.
● Interview, Resume Preparation, and other soft skill development guidance is provided to our candidates.
● Kaizen 5S training is offered using a blend of practical as well as in a theoretical way.

For more information regarding Kaizen 5S Training in Chennai, Contact JMA.