JMA is one of the leading Lean Six Sigma training institutes in Chennai. Lean Six Sigma is one of the management approaches to improve the performance of your business with a blend of two individual specialization of lean and six sigma. The Lean Management program provides a determined system to enhance the organization’s business performance significantly. The program is developed to create leaders in achieving exceptional results and implementing strategic tools successfully.

The Lean Six Sigma applications allow efficiency and quality improvements to be realized effectively. The primary goal of the Lean Six Sigma is to deal with taking the waste of a process, efficiency, and speed. Six Sigma helps in removal of errors and focus on business effectiveness. When they are connected and put into action properly, they are the powerful and robust management tool which is used for improving an enterprise performance by offering a structured approach to solve issues.

What are the abilities you learn?

● To refine and analyze the different processes to remove waste and enhance efficiency.
● Add value for the employees, shareholders, and customers by minimizing process waste and variations.
● To work effectively as process improvement team members who work in an environment that support Lean Six Sigma.
● Improve consistency and quality by reducing process variations.
● Reduce timescales and improve performance for Lean Six Sigma projects.


Upon the completion of the Lean Six Sigma course, candidates will understand the Lean Six Sigma principles, the role of leaders in the companies transformation process. Candidates will also be capable of leading a change with the help of various Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques.

JMA have different modes of training namely Classroom Training, Online training conducted with flexible timings. Quality Auditors, Quality Managers, Quality Engineers, Quality Supervisors and more people who are interested in practicing lean six sigma can pursueLean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate in Chennai.

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