Not every enterprise is aware of the significance of qualifying and understanding the Measurement system variation. Without an accurate measurement system, one cannot analyze the process output reliably. Many of us might think that the business is producing excellent parts, but only the measurement helps in identifying whether the parts are out of tolerance or seriously defective.

GR&R studies are one of the techniques which are widely accepted for evaluating the measurement system variation level, and this also determines if the evaluated measurement system variation level can be used for the intended use. Once the measurement system variation is evaluated and found acceptable, it becomes significantly equal to an enterprise to manage the measurement system to make sure that it tends to be dependable and reliable.

Measurement System Analysis Training in Chennai:

JMA is one of the prominent Measurement System Analysis training in Chennai. MSA course topic deals with different measurement system variation and analysis techniques, tools including How to analyze and conduct Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility studies. The GR&R analysis technique that is used in the MSA training program is in acceptance with IAFT 16949/AIAG methods.

Who can Pursue MSA Training in Chennai?

Personnel who supports the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) process, especially those who are involved in process measurement and initial process studies, gage design to support new process and product introduction can attend MSA Training in Chennai.

What will you learn from JMA MSA Training in Chennai?

Upon the successful completion of MSA Training from JMA, candidates will have knowledge of

● Identifying if the measurement system is acceptable for various uses.
● Identifying Bias, Stability, Repeatability, Linearity, and reproducibility.
● Identifying the suitable measurement variation system tools and techniques to use during the evaluation of measurement systems.
● Identifying various variation sources in the measurement analysis systems.
● Conduct GR&R studies on different measurement system analysis variations.
● Analyze both attribute and variable gages.
● Conduct measurement system on attributes with the help of different risk analysis methods.


Personnel should demonstrate competencies like

● IATF 16949:2016 Transition Training Course
● IATF 16949:2016 Requirements Training Course

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