Preventing the mistakes before they occur can help businesses in reaching its goal, decrease cost and improve efficiency. Mistake proofing, otherwise known as Error proofing or Poka-Yoke is a lean tool which indicates the techniques that helps to eliminate mistakes. Mistake proofing techniques can drive the errors out of the processes and products. It can improve reliability and quality substantially. Error proofing includes innovative thinking along with an understanding of shutdown, forced control, sensory alert techniques, warning, and other related strategies.

The term Poka Yoka is derived from Japanese words. The meaning of Poka is inadvertent mistakes and yoke means avoiding. The Poka-Yoke training course is delivered in an innovative way to the candidates with live projects and real scenarios as a part of the course.

The various course content covered in Poka Yoke training in Chennai includes Defenition of Poka Yoke system, how to prevent mistakes from happening, how to detect abnormalities, poka-yoke improvement forms, real-time examples. The training course makes use of practical demonstrations to make the theory easier. Different Poka-yoke types include prediction and detection, control and warning approaches, contact method, counting method, samples of sensing devices, characteristics of tools, control, and warning procedures and more.

Some of the benefits of Poka-yoke includes the highest possible levels of quality, the fastest way to zero defects, virtually eliminates rework, scrap, and repair, customer loyalty, minimized inventory, lowest cost quality control and improved productivity.

What will you learn from JMA’s Poka Yoke training course?

Upon successful completion of Poka Yoke training course from JMA, our candidates will be able to

● Understand the source inspection benefits.
● Understand the difference between errors, mistakes, and defects.
● Understand the different defect types and how to address them.
● Develop and implement the various programme in Poka Yoke.
● Understand the difference between source, informative and judgment inspection.
● Decide where and when to implement the methodologies in Poka-yoke in their environment.
● Use many techniques and tips effectively.

Our Modes of Training:

● Online Training
● Corporate Training
● Classroom Training
● Fast Track Training
● One-to-One Training.
● Recorded Video Training.

Who can pursue JMA Poka Yoke training course in Chennai?

● Managers and Supervisors.
● Leaders
● Business Process Owners
● System coordinators and implementers
● Process improvement leaders and managers
● Engineers
● Decision makers and Executors of the organization.

Join Poka Yoke training course from JMA today and enhance your career skills.