JMA is one of the top-notch Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) training institutes in Chennai. International quality standards for manufacturing tend to develop, and a number of industrial companies suppliers are making use of the PPAP. It is created and used by different industries but mostly in the automotive industries. PPAP is a mitigation and risk identification process utilized to offer customers evidence that there is a repeatable and reliable process. Production Part Approval Process helps in ensuring the better connection between a supplier and customer in hopes that there will be revisions and fewer turn backs to the process or product.

The PPAP is one of the standardized processes in the aerospace and automotive industries which helps suppliers and manufacturers communicate and approve production process and design before, during and after the manufacturer. The PPAP is created to stimulate an understanding of the suppliers and manufacturers understanding. PPAP helps in ensuring the processes which are used for manufacturing parts during the production runs routinely.

JMA Course Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of Production Part Approval Process training from JMA, the candidates will be able to

● Understand the PPAP reason and objectives.
● Understand submissions and notification customer requirements.
● Be confident in completing a PPAP exercise workplace.
● Understand the PPAP phases and objectives.
● Understand the PPAP part of the constituents.
● Understand the evidence level required by submission from the customers.
● Determine information and record of the documents to be retention and retained times.
● Recognize when customer submission and notification is required.
● Identify PPAP Submission requirements including customer specifications.
● Prepare and submit a PPAP to cater to the customer requirements.

Who should attend Production Part Approval Process Training?

● ISO/TS 16949 second party or internal auditors.
● Personnel incolved in ISO/TS 16949 implementation.
● Professional interested in PPAP.
● Management Representatives.
● Internal Auditors
● Implementation Teams.
● Professionals involved in implementing or auditing the production part approval process.

Prerequisites to join JMA PPAP training

Candidate should be able to demonstrate the below competencies.

● IATF 16949:2016 Transition Training Course.
● IATF 16949:2016 Requirements Training Course.
● IATF 16949 core tools, SPC, FMEA, Control Plan Methodology, MSA and APQP.

Why Choose JMA?

● 100% Job Placement Assistance.
● Interview and Resume Preparation Guidance Available.
● Industry experts with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of PPAP.
● Classroom and online modes of training available.
● Flexible batch timings as per the candidate and trainer preference.

Join JMA today and enhance your career skills on Production Part Approval Process.