JMA is one of the leading Quality Function Deployment Training Institutes located in Chennai, India. Quality Function, QFD Training, Deployment training courses covers the principles and techniques of Quality Function Deployment. Apart from that it also offers you a detailed QFD historical background and business benefits.

Quality Function Deployment teaches you the data collecting methods and calculation required for the different phases of QFD process. Various core concepts covered in Quality Function Deployment training includes Voice of the customer – input to QFD planning, Product planning, Concept Development, Subsys Tem/part deployment, process and production planning, QFD process and frameworks and more. JMA includes different modes of training like a classroom and online training.

We have industry experts who have a decade of experience in various Quality Function Deployment techniques and other related fields. Our instructors make use of the live projects and real-time scenarios to train our candidates so that they understand the concepts more clearly.

Why Choose Quality Function Deployment training course?

Most of the organization make use of the QFD to convert requirements of the customer into measurable design targets and drive them through the production, components process levels, and subassembly from the assembly level.

Candidates attending Quality function deployment course will have a

● A stronger understanding of the four phases of the QFD process.
● Knows how to calculate each phase matrixes.
● Capable of determining the data needed to move to other phases.
● Learns the fundamentals which are required to design complex services and products, create control and maintenance strategies and process design strategies.

What are the objectives of the Quality Function Deployment Training course?

Upon the successful completion of QFD training course, the delegates will gain the basic understanding of

● Identifying QFD historical dates.
● Identifying the difference between a technical descriptor and exact customer requirements.
● Defining the focus within every four phases of the Quality Function Deployment process.
● Evaluating ‘Houses of Quality’ example.
● Define QFD.
● Summarize the QFD benefits.
● Calculate the phase matrices.

Who can Pursue Quality Function Deployment Training course?

● Project Managers.
● Product Development Personnel.
● R&D Personnel.
● Marketing and Sales Team.
● Design Product and Process team.
● Service trams.
● Manufacturing managers and engineers.
● Quality Consultants/Personnel.
● Individuals involved in the procedures of QFD.

Ready to join the Quality Function Deployment Training Course with JMA? We welcome you to our institute with more joy.