JMA Training and Consultancy is one of the outstanding Single Minute Exchange of Die Training Institute in Chennai. SMED is a process for reducing the time to complete changeovers in the equipment dramatically. The essence of Single Minute Exchange of Die is to convert the changeover steps to external steps and to streamline & simplify the remaining steps. The name SMED is derived from the reducing changeover goals to single digits.

There are four phases of the SMED process namely Mixed phase, separated phase, transferred phase, and improved phase. Some course topics covered in our SMED training course includes Background of SMED, Types of setup activities, internal and external setup, stages of setup improvement, converting both setups, techniques for applying SMED, function standardization, elimination of adjustment, standardizing setups, workshop and more. JMA Training and Consultancy offer online and classroom training to our candidates.

Some benefits of SMED programs include lower manufacturing cost, improved responsiveness to customer demand, smoother startups, smaller lot sizes, lower inventory levels and more. There are two types of SMED elements namely Internal and External components. Some of the additional SMED improvements from the operation after systematic examination includes

● Increased productivity
● Reduced defect rates.
● Increased safety
● Reduced setup expense
● The footprint of processes reduction with reduced inventory freeing floor space.
● Higher machine work rates.
● Improved quality stemming
● Simplified housekeeping
● Reduced setup expense
● Elimination of unusable stock.

What are the Objectives of JMA Training and Consultancy SMED Training Course?

● Learn different solutions which can be applied to solve the issues.
● Understand and apply different SMED methodologies and tools used to setup optimization.
● Understand the factor impacts which influence the flexibility process.
● Understand the batch size impact on used manufacturing space.

Who can pursue JMA Training and Consultancy Single Minute Exchange of Die Training Course?

● Maintenance and Engineering Personnel
● Set-up personnel
● Manufacturing and production shop floor supervisors
● Operators
● Individuals who wish to implement real-time projects.
● Personnel who wish to learn SMED, its tools, and techniques.

Why JMA Training and Consultancy for Single Minute Exchange of Die Training in Chennai?

● Printed Study Materials available.
● Resume and Interview Preparation guidance available.
● 100% Job Placement Assistance Assured.
● Free Orientation and Demo Classes available.
● A dedicated HR department to take care of placements and Interviews.
● Industry experts with strong practical and theoretical experience & knowledge in SMED tools and techniques.

Join JMA Training and Consultancy Single Minute Exchange of Die training in Chennai today and lead an interesting career!