JMA is a prominent leader in the Statistical Process Control Training in Chennai. SPC is one method followed to achieve quality control in the process of manufacturing. It uses statistics such as standard deviation, mean and more to check whether the observed process is under the control of statistics. SPC method will control and monitor the process and ensure if it is operated at the highest potential to create top quality products that caters to the customer requirements.

The process behaves predictively under the SPC method to create conforming products by using the possible wastes. SPC is most frequently applied to control manufacturing lines, and it equally refers to different processes with the measurable output. With the help of statistical tools, the person in the product line will check out the changes made by wear and tear or by other means to this product line and solve the issues.

JMA offers SPC course training with experienced professionals so that our candidates can clear any complex interviews upon the successful completion of the SPC training. Some of the course topic included in SPC training includes Statistical control techniques for process control, planning for SPC, Prediction causes analysis table, alarm limits, process capability vs. tolerance and more.

SPC Training Objectives:

Upon the completion of Statistical Process Control training from JMA, the candidate will be able to perform the following:

● Understand variation in the process of manufacturing including variation measures and patterns.
● Describe fundamental concepts of process capability and the significance of capacity during the usage of control charts.
● Understand the relationship of Six Sigma to SPC.
● Understand the basic and SPC statistical concepts.
● Control and monitor variable variations and control charts attribution.
● Make use of quality tools to solve problems.

Why JMA for SPC Training?

● Experienced industry professionals train all SPC courses.
● Trained more than 3000 candidates and made them placed in top MNC and IT solutions.
● Classroom and Online Training is available on flexible timings as per the preference of candidate and trainers.
● One stop solution for every SPC training.
● Resume and Interview prepearation gu idance available.
● 100% assured placement asistance.

Who can take up SPC Training?

● Engineers
● Operators
● Managers
● Supervisors
● Quality Assurance Team Members.

Ready to start your career on SPC? Join JMA today and develop your knowledge and skills with us.