JMA is one of the prominent Total Productive Maintenance Training Institute in Chennai, India. TPM is a multi-disciplinary equipment maintenance approach which struggles to achieve zero defects, i.e., perfect production. It means the equipment will have slow runs or defects, zero breakdowns. Total Productive Maintenance offers zero accident policy and therefore it is one of the same working environment ever seen.

Total Productive Maintenance goal is to maximize the facilities productivity by transferring regular maintenance to employees responsibilities. It includes eight pillars, and each of them contains approaches and processes to eliminate waste and losses. The Total Productive Maintenance concept certification offers Management and strategy Institute exclusively, which is designed to explain the total productive maintenance basic concepts and test those concepts with the personnel.

Lean enterprises take more struggle to eliminate waste in every operation phase. Few least overlooked and most understood waste sources relate to the maintenance and condition of the equipment processing.

The objective of the JMA Total Productive Maintenance Training:

● Continuous Equipment effectiveness improvement through engagement.
● Total Productive Maintenance and Total Quality Management are considered to be the essential operating activities of QMS (Quality Management System).
● To improve cross-functional working by eliminating departmental walls.
● Make possible factory operation and man-less operation.
● Create a clean, bright and pleasant factory.

What will you learn with JMA Total Productive Maintenance Training?

Upon the successful completion of JMA Total Productive Maintenance training, the candidates will be capable of:

● Knowing the difference between preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and predictive maintenance.
● Realizing how different techniques of TPM and PDM can do traditional practices.
● Explaining how Total productive maintenance helps to address wastes and lean efforts.
● Understanding how TPM three sequential phases build on each other effectively.

Why JMA for learning Total Productive Maintenance Training Course?

● Flexible Batch timings.
● Industry experts with a decade of experience and strong practical and theoretical knowledge on Total Productive Maintenance and other related technologies.
● Resume and Interview Preparation Guidance available.
● Online Virtual Classes are available.
● Total Productive Maintenance Certification provided to the candidates upon the successful completion of TPM Training.
● 100% Job Placement Assistance assured.
● Study Materials offered throughout the course for active learning.
● Our trainers train our candidates with live and real-life scenarios for a bright and in-depth understanding.
● We offer case studies for Total Productive Maintenance Training.
● Affordable Price options.
● Video Tutorials available for future references.

Join JMA Total Productive Maintenance training today and lead a successful career.