JMA is the leading Toyota Product System Training Institute in Chennai, India. The objective of the Toyota production system is to promote people to the surface and solve issues. The result obtained with this successful implementation of Toyota Product system is the achievement of low cost, short lead time and high-quality results.

Toyota Production System is an integrated system and organizational culture grounded in philosophy and accomplished by managerial role and technical tools focussed on developing people. JMA mission is to support different enterprises that are committed to improvement. We help to apply Toyota Production System concept to their unique situations for the best results.

In Toyota Production System training workshops, the candidate will learn about the managerial role, philosophy, TPS technical tools through the mix of shop floor visits and classroom training. Our TPS training makes use of the technological tools along with the hands-on stimulation and combination of lecture in Continous Flow, Heinjunka, Traditional manufacturing, pull system and standardized work.

Some of the core concepts that we cover under the Toyota production system includes TPS principles, Role of top management, Toll Priority, Factory visit review, standardized work creation, 5S and visual control, continuous improvement culture and more.

What will you learn from the JMA Toyota Production System?

Upon the successful completion of JMA Toyota Production System, the delegates will be able to

● Learn how Toyota Production System supports people to surface and solve issues.
● Empower and Invigorate your team to surface and solve issues.
● Explore how TPS is applied to manage your business requirements.

Why JMA for learning Toyota Production System?

● 100% assured job placement assistance.
● Flexible batch timings are available as per the candidate’s availability.
● Industry experts with a decade of experience in Toyota Production system and related fields.
● Industry experts with strong theoretical and practical knowledge of TPS systems.
● Classroom and Online training available to the candidates.
● Smaller batch members to have a strong focus on every candidate.
● Our instructors make use of live project real-time examples, scenario to train our candidates.
● Toyota Production System certificates are available upon the successful completion of the training course.

Join JMA Toyota Production System today and get placed in top MNCs.