JMA is one of the superior Value Analysis/Value Engineering Training Institute in Chennai, India. Value Analysis and Value Engineering is a methodical approach to decrease the manufacturing cost without enduring the functions. VA/VE evaluates supply and product chain from an unique aspect of improved quality, cost reduction, and valuable supplier relationships.

Implementing the VA/VE production area methodology can decrease total cost and piece cost, enhance the customer-supplier relationship, improve to help the product quality and operational performance, reduction in product variations and more. Waste Elimination is the topmost way to increase your profitability. The operation includes seven types of wastes, this is eliminated entirely and its the underlying philosophy of waste elimination. The seven waste techniques are the best framework that helps businesses recognize different waste elimination operation opportunities.

One can improve the profitability and productivity of the business through Waste Elimination and VA/VE techniques. Some of the core topics covered in this Value Analysis/Value Engineering training includes Introduction to Risk Management, Sources of U uncertainty, The Risk Management Process, The VA/Ve Methodologies, Idea sorting and selection, action planning and implementation, speculation, The Risk Management Plan, Risk Modeling, and more.

What will you learn from JMA Value Analysis/Value Engineering Training Course?

Upon the successful completion of Value Analysis/Value Engineering course, the candidates will be able to

● Understand the Value Analysis and Value Engineering concepts as well as their differences and similarities.
● Understand the value equation and the way the equation can be influenced negatively and positively.
● Understand the project leader and team members role in ensuring that the VA/VE project is a successful one.
● Understand the factors that contribute to the pitfalls to avoid as well as the development of the successful project.
● Understand the concepts which follow a competitive approach to the project goals achievement and obtain approach knowledge.

Who can attend JMA Value Analysis and Value Engineering Training Course?

● Supply chain and procurement Managers/Engineers.
● Category Manager.
● Commodity Manager.
● Supply Chain Analysts.
● Cross-functional team members/leaders
● Sourcing Managers
● Contract Managers
● Buyers

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