JMA Training and Consultancy is one of the top-notch Value Stream Mapping Training Institutes in Chennai, India. VSM (Value Stream Mapping) is one of the techniques which is employed to offer procedure visual representation. It also has the potential to recognize significant savings in which the process is perfectly organized and performed.

Value Stream Mapping technique and Lean Programmes are associated together for identifying various opportunities for improvement in the supply chain, logistics, lead time, service-related industries, software development, product development, and healthcare. VSM is used for analyzing the flow of information and materials that are needed to bring a service or product to a customer.

The value stream mapping course focusses on the value stream mapping principles, value stream mapping steps, CSM techniques, recognizing and eliminating nonvalue activities, team member responsibilities and roles, understanding the implication changes and more.

What are the objectives of VSM Training?

The candidates will develop an understanding of the following aspects during the VSM training course.

● How to analyze and define the present state value stream map, information flows, and material.
● How to derive a kaizen improvement plan.
● Customer value and the principal methods & elements of value stream mapping.
● The three stages to design an ideal state map in the future.

What are the Business Benefits of VSM Training?

● Collecting data for value stream mapping.
● Knowing the CSM benefits.
● Understanding VSM Customer demands.
● Using the symbols associated with Value stream mapping.
● Knowing how to construct the Future state map and current state map.
● Establishing the Future State implementation strategy deployment and development.
● Assessing and modeling the proposed changes impact to a key process.
● Value stream mapping software.
● Knowing how to recognize the various VSM processes and apply them.
● Applying the Value Stream mapping associated Industry standard analysis techniques.
● Knowing how to form the VSM.
● Know to develop the system of VSM.
● Identifying problems area and opportunities within the existing business value streams.

Who can Pursue Value Stream Mapping Training Course in Chennai?

● Quality Managers/Engineers.
● Lean Practitioners.
● Process Improvement Managers
● Business Process Owners
● Management Representatives.
● System Implementers
● Change Managers
● System Coordinators
● Improvement Teams.

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