JMA is one of the leading WHY WHY Analysis training institute in Chennai, India. The 5 Why technique is a simple question asking activity or process which enterprises use to get to the problems root cause. The questions include the discussion between the different cross-functional teams to analyze the mistakes, check out what went wrong in a process by continuously asking why questions.

It helps to know the exact reason for the problem. Some benefits of 5 Whys analysis includes:

● Help to find the root of the problems caused and explores the fast fixes to the issues.
● User-friendly, easy to understand and used to enhance the quality effectively.
● You can move beyond the symptoms and check out the relationship between the different problems reaching a powerful conclusion by asking why continuously.

The primary objective of the JMA 5 WHYS techniques is to build a logical flow of causes regarding the process which leads to the problems root cause. 5 Whys training help learners to the WHY WHY Analysis, a problem-solving technique including how to undergo Why question and then collect and analyze the information to answer the questions correctly.

Upon the completion of Why Why Analysis, the delegates will be able to

● Avoid the pitfalls associated with the 5 Whys typically.
● Make use of the WHY WHY Analysis in a team setting to help t identify the root cause of a problem.
● Delegates will learn the use of the method for a case study
● Information on the problems used in the processes.

The Why-Why Analysis make use of different training tools namely tests, digital learning, other interactive exercises to improve theoretical knowledge delivery.

Who can Pursue JMA WHY WHY Analysis training course?

● Quality Management Executives
● Quality Management Specialists
● Personnel who are interested in getting to know the cause of a problem.

Benefits of WHY WHY Analysis Training at JMA:

● 100% Job Placement Assistance assured.
● Industry experts with a decade of experience in WHYWHYAnalysis and other related fields.
● Our professionals make use of Real-world scenarios and live projects to train candidates.
● 24/7 technical support available.
● Video recording available for future references.
● Certification guidance and materials provided to the candidates.
● Flexible Batch Timings for candidates.
● Resume and Interview Preparation Guidance Available.

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